STAR - PLC Cables
  • Use with: Chromastar Heaters

Cable packages include 25 feet Type SO cable, with either 3-conductors or 4-conductors, depending on the heater requirements. Each cable assembly includes the proper cord (connector). Plugs are not included. All models are factory wired for 3-phase, but can be field wired for single phase, select plug and cord accordingly.

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295427 PLC-2514-4 12/4SO, 15amps, 90°C Buy Now
295670 PLC-2514-3 14/3SO, 18amps, 90°C Buy Now
295435 PLC-2512-4 12/4SO, 20amps, 90°C, Buy Now
295662 PLC-2512-3 12/3SO, 25amps, 90°C Buy Now
295443 PLC-2510-3 10/3SO, 30amps, 90°C Buy Now
295460 PLC-2508-3 8/4SO, 35amps, 90°C Buy Now
295494 PLC-2506-4 6/4SO, 45amps, 90°C Buy Now
295486 PLC-2506-3 6/3SO, 55amps, 90°C Buy Now
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