STAR Tip-Over Switch Kits

STAR Tip-Over Switch Kits
  • Use With: ChromaStar Portable Radiant Heater

Chromalox STARTIP tip-over switch kits can be easily added to all Chromalox STAR 06 or 14 series factory assembled portable heaters or fixed overhead heaters which have been modified by use of a portable STAR-CART kit. This kit is designed to de-energize the heating elements of unattended units in event the heater is accidentally knocked over. The kit includes a control circuit transformer, magnetic contactor, tip-over switch assembly and on-off toggle switch with rubber boot, completely prewired in a NEMA 4 enclosure. The kit also includes a 1” coupling, wiring between the contactor and heater, mounting bracket, hardware and instructions to complete the installation to the heater.

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Part # Description  
340670 STARTP-8 Tip Over Switch, 208V, Buy Now
340689 STARTP-2 Tip Over Switch, 240V, Buy Now
340697 STARTP-7 Tip Over Switch, 277V Request a Quote
340700 STARTP-4 Tip Over Switch, 480V, Request a Quote
340718 STARTP-6 Tip Over Switch, 600V, Buy Now
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