Air Temperature Control Electric Heating System

Air Temperature Control Electric Heating System
  • Portable, Forced Air Temperature Control System
  • 50, 100 and 150 kW Heating Capacity
  • 480 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz (600V Available)
  • Corrosion Resistant Painted Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty 0.475” Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Tubular Elements
  • 3,000 – 7,000 SCFM of Airflow from Industrial-Grade Fans
  • Multi-stage Contactor System for Accurate Temperature Control
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure for Outdoor Weather Protection
  • Fork Lift Accessible
  • Four-Point Lug Lifting System
  • Use with Standard 20” Flexible Duct
  • Stackable to Maximize Storage
  • Emergency Stop Button and Fan Delay on Shutdown
  • Optional SCR Power Control System for High Accuracy

Chromalox Air Temperature Control Systems provide durable, accurate temperature control for large capacity temporary heating applications. Welded steel construction, tubular elements, and industrial fan offer superior durability and performance under heavy usage and rough environments.

  • Temporary on-site comfort heat for large capacity special events.
  • Interim comfort heating system during commercial construction prior to permanent HVAC installation.
  • Curing plaster and drying of paint in commercial construction.
  • Spot heating for personnel and freeze protection for equipment in the event of a plant shutdown.


  • Chromalox Electric Heating Systems are environmentally friendly, 100% efficient, and produce zero emissions.
  • Electrically generated heat produces no moisture, and therefore no humidity.
  • INCOLOY® sheathed tubular heating elements provide long life and durability during transport and setup.
  • Painted Carbon Steel construction ensures weather resistance, with Stainless Steel available for extreme environments.
  • Multi-stage, contactor-based control system for accurate temperature control.
  • High limit temperature control and low limit airflow control ensures proper safety during operation.
  • All electrical enclosures are easily accessible and are protected to NEMA 4 construction.
  • Chromalox HACS systems are built to resist the rough handling and transportation of the rental market. Various control and fan options allow for maximum flexibility to meet the varying needs of rental companies and their clients.

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