Packaged Process Skids

Package Process Skid
Many process lines are currently built using modular components referred to as skid packages.  Chromalox can provide a complete skidded framework with all associated components such as electric process heaters, SCR/thyristor and contactor power control systems, associated piping and spool pieces, valves, temperature measurement, sensors, instrumentation, PLC or DIN controllers, filtration, shell and tube heat exchangers, separators, and expansion or accumulator tanks.


Some common applications for a skidded package may include, fuel gas conditioning, dewpoint heating, fuel forwarding, gas line separation and coalescing, hot oil heating, water and glycol heating, gas dehydration, and industrial gas heating, such as oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen.  Chromalox can assemble just about any components to suit the specific need.

The Chromalox Advantage

Electric heating provides the best option for heating as its power is instantly available, has no emissions, and is precisely controlled to only the demand needed.  All items are manufactured in-house for superior quality and rapid delivery.

Chromalox Capabilities

• In-house element manufacturing allows the most efficient, space-saving design possible.
• All welding, pressure testing, and certification are performed in accordance with ASME standards. 
• Chromalox power control can be fully integrated and skid-mounted with the heater for a complete package.
• Engineering design tools include 3D AutoCad, Solid Works, and PV Elite, among others.
• Broadest line third-party certifications available – UL, CSA, ATEX, GOST, INMETRO, IEC, ASME, PED, KOSHA

Package Process Skid
Custom Packaged Process Skids

Packaged systems engineered to provide temperature, pressure, filtration, and other process control of virtually any liquid or gas process streams.