Flexible Tank Immersion Heater

Flexible Tank Immersion Heater
  • 12-40 Ft. Immersed Length (1, 2 or 3 Flexible Assemblies)
  • 6 - 60 kW (20 - 2,045 Mbh)
  • 240 and 480V², 3 Phase
  • Low Watt Density, High Wattage
  • Installs through Manhole in Tank above or below ground. (14" Dia. Min.)
  • Optional NEMA 4 (WCC) Control Center³

Chromalox FXTH Immersion Heaters provide low watt density heating for such materials as asphalt, fuel oil, pitch and tar, liquid sugar, molasses, lube oils, linseed oil and other heat sensitive materials. FXTH heaters can be installed through the manhole opening in existing large tanks above or below ground without welding, cutting or cleaning. FXTH heaters can be used in steel, concrete and Fiberglas® tanks or in open top process tanks.

No Tank Modification Required — Installs through normal manhole opening

No Hot Spots or Carbonization — Heat is evenly spread along the bottom of the tank

Weather Proof Terminal Enclosure contains process and overtemperature thermocouples. Overtemperature thermowell is attached to heater sheath (one per tube)

Basic Heater Assembly includes flexible pipe, terminal enclosure, 14 foot risers, two lifting cables and 4 inch high sludge legs.

Optional Control Panel with weather proof (WCC) electrical enclosure completely wired with indicating electronic process control, fail- safe overtemperature controls, master circuit breaker, contactors, fuses, pilot lights, switches and 120V control transformer. Other control options include recorders, time clock, audible alarm and mounting legs.

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