Large Tank Heaters

Large Tank Heaters
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4" to 14" 150# Flange Size
  • Moisture Resistant (IP66) or Explosion / Moisture Resistant Terminal Housing
  • Third Party Certified
  • 4 - 240 kW Unit Ratings
  • 5' - 25' Immersion Lengths
  • 9 - 12 W/in2 (Pipe Surface)
  • 480V Three Phase (600V Available)
  • Standard Type J Thermocouple for Over-Temperature Protection
  • Matching Control Panels Available (Pre-Mounting Option Available)
  • ASME Design and Certification Available
  • Custom Flange Sizes, kW Rating, or Voltages Available
  • Third-party certifications: cCSAus, ASME

Chromalox LTFX style units allow tank heating elements to be changed without draining the tank. This is ideal for large capacity tanks that must remain filled for continuous operation and storage.

Note: Horizontal mount only.


  • No Tank Draining Required - Open-coil (OCE) style heating elements can be inspected or changed without draining the tank. This reduces costs and production downtime.
  • Quick & Easy Installation - Standard ANSI flange provides a straightforward mating connection and requires no special modifications.
  • Third Party Certifications - Moisture Resistant Housings are CSA Certified. Explosion / Moisture Resistant Housings carry both CSA and ATEX approvals for hazardous locations (see table for specific listings).
  • Minimal Spacing Required - Open-coil (OCE) style elements can be bent to a vertical plane during removal, with as little as 36" of clearance between tanks, walls or other obstructions. This allows more efficient use of factory floor space.
  • Clean, Pollution Free Electric Heat - Unlike gas or steam heat, LTFX units have no open flames, no additional plumbing connection, quiet operation, and better operating efficiencies. In addition, electric heat can be precisely controlled with Chromalox control panels.
  • Matching Control Panel - Each unit can be matched with a corresponding control panel to ensure seamless operation. Control panels can be provided separately or installed directly on the LTFX unit.
  • Provided Overtemperature Sensor - Each unit comes equipped with a type J thermocouple for overtemperature sensing on the pipe wall.


  • Universal Support Stand - Support stand helps to ensure ease of installation and minimize onsite fabrication. (Shipped separately)
  • Alternate Voltage and kW Ratings
  • Larger ANSI style flanges available (up to 36", 300#)
  • Optional pre-assembly with Chromalox control panel
  • Lower watt densities for highly viscous material
  • Customized immersion lengths and/or flanges for custom sized tanks are available

LTFX units provide low watt density heating over a large surface area, while providing precise temperature control for such materials as fire water storage, asphalt, diesel, lube oils, ethanol, bio-diesel, glycerin, animal fats, vegetable oils, fuel oils, or similar types of liquids.

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