Suction Heater- Asphalt & Fuel Oil applications for Horizontal Installations

Suction Heater- Asphalt & Fuel Oil applications for Horizontal Installations
  • 10" Carbon Steel Pipe Body and Heater Flange, 150 Lb Construction (Pipe Sizes from 5 - 20” available)
  • 18" 150 Lb ANSI B16.5 Tank Mounting Flange Matched to 10" Pipe Body (Mating Flanges from 10 - 30" available)
  • 30 - 40kW (10 - 200kW available)
  • 240 and 480V, Three Phase (Up to 600V available)
  • Moisture Resistant and Moisture/Explosion Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • 0.475" Dia. Steel Sheath Low Watt Density Elements (5 W/In2)
  • CSA US Certified

Heating of viscous materials, in large storage tanks, to pumping temperatures. Maintaining an entire tank of viscous fluids such as fuel oil or asphalt at pumping temperatures is very costly. In many applications it is not practical or economical because the tanks are located underground or are not insulated.

Type SHO Suction Oil Heaters are a cost effective solution to this problem. Suction heaters are specifically designed to heat only that amount of material that is to be pumped from a large storage tank. The outlet nozzle is attached to the pump suction. The heater heats the material inside the heater pipe body which is then drawn through the heater into the suction side of the pump. This technique saves substantial energy costs since it is not necessary to heat the entire contents of the tank to draw off relatively small amounts of viscous materials.

Complete weather-proof construction makes these heaters perfect for installation in large outdoor storage tanks. Large heater inlet provides smooth, full-flow through the heater.

Terminal Enclosure — SHO circulation heaters are designed to be installed outdoors in exposed areas. Enclosures are designed to be Moisture Resistant or Moisture and Explosion Resistant.

Low Watt Density Elements make the heaters safe to use on most viscous liquids. Carbonization is minimized.

Vessel — Pipe body and nozzles are galvanized ASTM A53B carbon steel pipe. Heater and mounting flanges are ANSI B16.5 150 Lb galvanized carbon steel. Assembly provided with thermal insulation and painted sheet metal jacket.

Thermostats and High Limit Controls— SHO suction heaters should be provided with temperature controls to control fluid outlet temperatures and limit internal temperatures under abnormal or no-flow conditions. Depending on customer specifications, SHO heaters may be supplied with factory equipped AR thermostats, high limit cutouts or other Chromalox controls.

Control Panels — Integral or remote mounted control panels with electronic controls and solid state (SCR) or contactor power controllers can be provided using virtually any combination of control devices. Consult the Controls section for details.

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