XtremeDuty™ - Industrial Heaters and Systems

Chromalox CHX-A XtremeDuty
Whether it's an extreme environment or process condition, Chromalox XtremeDuty technologies will ensure reliable and durable heating. Chromalox has spent decades perfecting our XtremeDuty technologies in real world applications.  All of that hard work has culminated in our ability to design any of our Industrial Heaters & Systems products with XtremeDuty technologies.  We are confident products featuring our XtremeDuty technologies will meet your need because of our extensive application knowledge and past successes.  To ensure safety and reliability, our XtremeDuty products carry stringent third party-certifications, and pass performance and durability testing through our certified, in-house labs.  Having been tested in the most extreme conditions, XtremeDuty heaters are proven to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with virtually no maintenance required. They also perform at nearly 100% efficiency for their lifespan, ensuring superior performance for your operations.
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Immersion Tank Flange Heaters - Storage Tank Heaters

Chromalox offers a number of cost effective solutions to the challenge of heating materials in large storage tanks.

ATEX Duct Heaters
Hazardous Location Duct Heaters

Duct heaters for use in hazardous locations

Hazardous Location Unit Heaters

Unit Heaters for Use in Hazardous Location Environments

Custom Process Heaters
Custom Process Heaters
Engineered to provide precise process temperature control of virtually any liquid or gas process streams, including those of extreme pressure, temperature, and flow conditions engaged in corrosive, hazardous, and critical environments.
CCX High Pressure Circulation Heater
Ciirculation Heaters - Corrosive Solutions and High Temperature Gas
Mild corrosive heaters allow the heating of solutions using stainless elements and a passivated stainless pipe body. Highly corrosive solutions and oils can be heated with the low watt density INCOLOY® sheath elements coupled with a passivated Stainless Steel pipe body, providing long service life.