Industrial Connection Kits

chromalox u series
Chromalox offers a full line of connection kits and accessories, to cover pipe and tank freeze protection, pipe and tank process maintenance, freeze protection of fire sprinkler piping, roof and gutter de-icing, embedded snow melting, frost heave prevention, hot water temperature maintenance and floor warming systems. Installation Kits and Accessories include all of the necessary components for power connection, straight or tee splices, and water-resistant end seal terminations for heat tracing systems. The connection kits and accessories are third party approved for ordinary and hazardous areas and are designed for fast, easy installation and safe, reliable operation.
U-Series Long Line End Seal Connection Kits
U Series Long Line Heat Trace Connection Kits
The Chromalox Long Line Heat Trace Connection Accessories are used to provide electrical connection to SLL heat trace cables.