Multi-loop Controller - 1040 - LEGACY PRODUCT


Multi-loop Controller - 1040 - LEGACY PRODUCT

  • Compact DIN Rail-Mount System
  • 4 Fieldbus Communication Port Options
  • 1-, 3-, or 4-Loop Configurations per Module
  • Heater Break Alarm Feature
  • Hot Swap with Auto-Detection and Configuration
  • Detachable Modules Optimized for Easy Maintenance and Wiring
  • Windows® PC Configuration Software
  • Loop Enable/Disable
  • Detects Broken Process Sensor Input
  • Optional Configuration Software
  • Third-party certifications: UL, cUL & CE
  • 3 Year Warranty


The Chromalox 1040 is a DIN-rail-mounted multi-loop PID control system that can operate in a stand-alone system or in a PLC environment. Its simplicity is based on its modular construction: one communications module and any combination of up to 8 control modules. With numerous state-of-the-art control features and 100 ms realtime scan rates, reliable single-loop control performance and integrity are never sacrificed.

The communications module is a supervisory module connected directly to the DIN rail. It provides power to the control modules and contains a back-up of the system configuration data. It also manages the communications with external devices.

The control modules are independently managed by the communications module. They are connected to the DIN rail via an interconnect module that provides power and communications from the communications module.

The communications module is available in any of four different protocol options: ModBus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and ModBus/TCP.

The control modules are available with 1, 3, and 4 loops. Therefore, using from one to a full complement of 8 control modules, any number of loops—from 1 to 32—can be achieved. If more than 32 loops are required, multiple systems can be linked together.

Heater break inputs are available on 1- and 3-loop modules.

With the Chromalox 1040 control system only the loops required need to be purchased.

  • Space Saving Footprint
  • Reduced Installation Time and Cost
  • Rapid, Easy Setup
  • Improved Performance vs. PLC/PC
  • True, Simple Integration into Existing Control Systems
  • Rapid Hot-Swap and Auto Configure
  • Minimize Risk or Loss or Damage

The 1040 Workshop Configurator is an extremely intuitive programming tool which facilitates the cloning of multiple controllers and fast parameter file uploads and downloads to and from the controller and PC. From the main menu, communications and loop modules can be assigned in seconds, with parameters logically arranged for efficient setting confirmation or change.

Current Release Version: 1.0.6
(Note: New configuration software releases occur without notice. If you need to update your release, you must first Uninstall your current version prior to installing the latest release. This may be done in Programs and Features which is located in the Windows Control Panel.)

Download 1040 Setup (1.0.6)

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