Midstream companies are relied upon to process, transport, and the storage of crude oil and natural gas. Downstream companies and customers rely and depend on Midstream companies for an uninterrupted supply of crude oil and natural gas. Chromalox designs and manufactures dependable, reliable, efficient, and zero emission electric heaters for an industry that demands performance.

Tank Heaters

Replace open-flame heaters in knock-out tanks comply with EPA regulations.

Heat Trace and Control Panels

Process maintenance of chemicals and water.

Freeze protection of pipes and valves.

Heat Transfer Systems

Heating of distillation columns for separation of hydrocarbons.

Packaged Skids

Vaporization of separated cryogenic natural gas liquids hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, pentane, etc..

Gas Dew Point Heaters and Control Panels

Treat separated natural gas stream to remove moisture content prior to pipeline transport.

Circulation Heaters

Nitrogen heating for absorbent drying (removal of sulfur from wet natural gas).

Seal Gas Heater

High pressure design to warm compressor shaft seals to prevent gas leakage.

Skin Effect Heating and Control Panels

Maintain temperature over miles of pipes, underground, overground and undersea.

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