Finstrip® Finned Strip Heaters

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Durable Design

Long service life in hostile environments

Finstrip Finned Strip Heaters

Finstrip® and Fintube® heaters are ideal for OEMs and Users for heating air or gases. Superior to open coil elements, the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath. This minimizes a shock hazard due to accidental contact with the heater and makes the heater more rugged. The sheath also makes these elements ideal for applications with vibration. The Finstrip® heater is also ideal for anti-condensation heating of control panels and vibrating equipment like motors or generators. Both heaters come with an array of mounting options and terminations.

Finstrip® elements are superior to open coil elements since the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath, minimizing a shock hazard due to accidental contact with the heater. The rigid metal sheath minimizes hot spots and electrical shorting, likely with open coil elements. Application temperatures to 565°F are typical using finned strip units. 

KSEF Preformed Circular Finstrip®

Air Duct Heater
• Heat moving Air or Gas in Round Ducts
• Booster Heater in Process and Comfort Heating Ducts
• Convert existing Forced Air Dryers and Ovens

OTF Finstrip® Air Heater

Mount across Air Stream within Forced Air Ducts 
• Use in Dryers, Ovens and other Process Air Heating Equipment
• Comfort Heating in Ducts, Load Banks and Humidity Controls
• Many Air Blast and Convection requirements can be accommodated by the wide range of lengths, wattages and watt densities available

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