Isopad IT-H

picture of a isopad IT-h heating cable

About Isopad IT-H

Isopad IT-H heating tape is suitable where high power input is needed or where work has to be carried out at high temperatures. The high-quality quartz glass allows a working element temperature of up to 900°C. This tape should only be used in dry atmospheres with additional electrical protection and temperature control.


Maximum Temperature Rating: 900C (1625F)
Minimum Bending Radium for Installation: 15mm
Ingress Protection Rating: IP20
Electrical Insulation of Heater: Silica-Glass-fiber
Outer Sheath: Silica-Glass-fiber
Nominal Power Output: 380 W/m

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Chromalox Isopad heat tape solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.