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Selection Guidelines


Chromalox is capable of designing and manu facturing complete heated systems to meet your application. Chromalox has a reputation for going beyond the basic heater construction to give you value-added technical service. Grounding to meet evolving NEC, Military standards or your application requirements can be easily managed with Chromalox Flexible Heaters. Internal grounding screens, surface-piercing mounting plates, or foil backing can be incorporated in the heater construction to ensure system grounding. Insulation of the heater element can be

Foil Backing

Foil Backing

Foil Backing is also used to improve heat transfer. More heat is drawn and radiated by binding foil to an outer layer of rubber. achieved by factory bonding silicone or foam rubber to the element or by encasing Fiberglas ® insulation as the outer layer of the heating element. Encasing Fiberglas ® is not recommended for outdoor application since “breathing holes” are used that may allow for moisture absorption.

Encased Insulation

Encased Insulation

Flexible & Molded Heaters — Selection Guidelines

Max. Operating Temperature Application Environment Product Type Model Stock Products Page
392°F Most Industrial Indoor / Outdoor SL — Silicone
Standard Strip
Heaters Enclosure
Heaters Drum Heaters
450°F Most Industrial Indoor / Outdoor Fiberglas® wovenSilicone Rubber encased PHD Heavy DutyDrum Heaters A-126

Flexible & Molded Thermal Insulation — Selection Guidelines

Max. Exposure Temperature Application Environment Product Type Model Stock Products Page
450°F Most Industrial Indoor / Outdoor IBG — Silicone Rubber Insulation Blankets — Silicone Foam Insulation Coats IBG Series Blanket Drum Heaters A-127


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