DriMeg™ - Benefits




Prevents Costly Downtime

Applying the correct DriMeg™ technology can help reduce lost revenue and operating profits resulting from downtime. Specific DriMeg™ controller technology can be used to monitor the changing electrical conditions of a single or string of multiple heating elements. This provides operators and engineers with the data necessary to predict when a heating element may be approaching failure so that preemptive measures can be taken to avoid a costly interruption in the process.

Environmental and plant conditions change and, over time, electric heating elements are affected by these changing conditions. Generally, the operation of electric heating systems is essential to the operation of the process in which they are used; therefore, failure of one or more heating elements is likely to shut a process down altogether.

By using the right temperature and power control technology, it is possible to anticipate the degradation of dielectric properties of a heater, thereby alerting users to the increasing probability of imminent heater failure. Monitoring leakage current and amperage can help predict and preempt a potential failure before it shuts down a process—invaluable information for operations managers.

Decreases Maintenance Costs

Proper design and preventive maintenance of the heating element have a definite impact on its lifespan. A well-maintained heating element saves money by not only reducing the expense of replacing failed heating elements, but also the substantial operational and replacement costs associated with replacing the heaters themselves. Often these heaters are not easily accessible and require many hours of labor to service or replace. Using the right DriMeg™ technology solution can extend the life of the heater and help minimize maintenance costs.

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Mitigates Risk and Increases Operational Safety

DriMeg™ technology is specifically designed to provide end users and machinery manufacturers with robust, proven means to prevent and combat unsafe moisture ingress into heating elements, mitigating the risk for potential failure and increasing operational safety.

End users and machinery manufacturers often rely on their equipment to run continuously in various, and often harsh conditions. To ensure 100% up time, equipment must be robust and require little to no intervention by technicians. Because it is the most critical component within an electric heating system, the reliability of an electric heating element directly affects that of the entire system. DriMeg™ technology’s advanced moisture control barriers and innovative control schemes ensure the reliability of electric heating elements by preventing and eliminating moisture as a potential cause of failure.

Ensures Problem-Free Start-Up

With DriMeg™ technology, start-ups are free from issues associated with failed dielectric strength, insulation resistance and leakage current. The right DriMeg™ advanced moisture control barrier and innovative control scheme provide end users with problem-free commissioning of equipment, helping to maintain schedules and eliminating damaging and expensive problems from moisture ingress.

The probability for failure of an electric heating element is highest at start-up. This is due to the potential for moisture contamination during periods of long-term storage. DriMeg™ technology advanced moisture control barriers prevent moisture contamination during these extended periods. And in the unlikely event that moisture contamination does occur, DriMeg’s™ innovative control schemes automatically detect and eliminate it. No matter the application, DriMeg™ has a solution that ensures trouble free start-up.

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