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Scientifically Designed Materials

Chromalox research has identified scientifically blended ceramic and polymer mixtures that generate greater dielectric resistance while maintaining the superior heat transfer characteristics that Chromalox is known for. High dielectric strength enables the heating components to perform optimally at higher voltages and higher temperatures. This ensures consistent performance, even in high-stress applications.

The design efficiency of PowerV is realized through highly customized material geometries. Configurations such as interlocking elements, engineered extrusion matrices, and material spacing patterns provide increased power conversion efficiency and reduced energy losses.

There is a vital correlation between material selections, custom-engineered formations, and product performance. PowerV eclipses any other product class for performance, efficiency, and durability.

Proprietary Manufacturing Processes

The effectiveness of PowerV is only realized through the highest level of manufacturing integrity. Raw materials, blending mixtures, and trade skills must be fused together. Thanks to 100 years of advanced thermal technology innovations from Chromalox, the integrated elements of PowerV are crafted together by experienced professionals.

Proprietary manufacturing equipment has been dedicated to the PowerV product line. This ensures higher process and quality control, ultimately leading to the superior product performance, even in high-stress applications. The highly customized equipment allows for the components and equipment to integrate effectively, essentially working together as one technology.

PowerV is ultimately proven through rigorous testing and validation methods before the products leave the factory. Multiple electrical, strength, and third-party testing, as conducted by UL, FM, CSA, Intertek, and others, must all be passed to assure product performance. PowerV is constructed to ensure thermal performance and maintain the highest dielectric properties throughout the product life cycle.

Engineering Ingenuity

Chromalox PowerV Technology is unlike any other in the market because of its engineering ingenuity. For over a century, integrating advanced thermal technologies with product design has been a hallmark of Chromalox.

PowerV technology is harnessed and then applied through multiple product lines such as DirectConnect™, mineral insulated heating cable, and industrial air heaters. Chromalox engineering leverages its patented technology to create the most robust electric heating element for optimal performance under high voltage demand.

Chromalox also provides PowerV control systems that bring better process control through the development of proprietary control algorithms to provide proactive alerts of potential system errors and advanced, realtime monitoring for predictive analysis.

The integration of PowerV technology, heating products and control offers a complete system package to harness the power, efficiency, and savings of higher voltage to almost any industrial application.