Over the past century, Chromalox has developed proprietary technologies and manufacturing systems that have created and supported the electric heating industry, while our engineers have designed electric heating solutions for countless industrial applications. Drawing upon this vast knowledge base, hundreds of thousands of designs on file, and industry-leading proprietary design software, Chromalox is able to provide best-in-class products at the best value and in the shortest lead times. 

We call this knowledge-based system RedSage™. It brings together our institutional learning of more than 100 years. RedSage provides design modeling and simulation for research and development, process and application design systems for estimating and quoting, product life cycle management, and product design systems to speed engineering to production handoffs. Utilizing our proprietary designs and tools, Chromalox is able to be nimble during the design phase of a project to quickly address our customers’ changing requirements.

Our Chromatrace heat trace design software is best-in-class, helping our customers create IEEE-compliant heat trace calculations quickly while also creating a complete bill of materials instantly. It enables design engineers to manage all of their heat trace projects and drawings, tie pipe and tank data to specific drawings, run reports to monitor pipe temperatures, and set up various process scenarios to quickly find the most cost-effective solution.

With the Chromalox RedSage software and suite of process heating intelligence tools, our customers can rest assured that they are in capable and experienced hands.

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