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Extreme Conditions

No matter the climate or process, XtremeDuty™ products will continue to perform with virtually no maintenance. XtremeDuty™ products can stand up to even the harshest processes and atmospheric conditions. Below is a list of some of the environments that XtremeDuty™ was expressly created for:


  • Extreme temperature applications from -225 degrees C to 1100 degrees C
  • Extreme pressure applications from full vacuum to 7500psig / 517 barg
  • Corrosive heating such as with hydrolic acid
  • Temperature sensitive fluids as with sulfur processing where +/-5ºF is critical
  • Hazardous applications as with fuel gas superheating or hydrocarbon vaporization


  • High/low temperatures: -60 degrees C (arctic) to +55 degrees C (desert)
  • Corrosive areas as with salt air, wind and rain
  • Hazardous locations: refineries, chemical storage, gas turbine enclosures, drilling platforms