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Increased Safety

Commitment to safety is at the core of everything we do. When you purchase a product constructed with XtremeDuty™ technology, rest assured that it has been tested to operate safely in the most hazardous conditions. Each product is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 approved facility, and has earned international third-party certifications.

XtremeDuty™ heaters are also powered with electricity, as opposed to natural gas or other fuel sources, so there's no danger of an open flame. This enables these heaters to be placed in locations where there may be combustible gasses and fluids.


All of our heaters go through extensive testing and are third-party. Choosing Chromalox XtremeDuty™ will greatly reduce the risks to process and personnel allowing your work site to thrive as it needs to.
Below is a list of tests that XtremeDuty™ heaters undergo in order to assure that they’ll function at the highest levels of safety and output:
  • Explosion and flame path testing through relationships with UL, Intertek, LCIE Bureau Veritas, Factory Mutual, and CSA, to name a few.
  • Extreme temperature and humidity testing through environmental test chambers and thermal shock chambers.
  • Material defect and failure testing utilizing x-ray equipment.
  • Hydro testing to ensure capability in handling high levels of pressure.
  • Corrosion testing through salt spray tests and long term performance testing.
  • Reliability testing through pass/fail (Hi-Pot) and (Airflow) performance testing.
  • Vibration, HALT, and HASS multi-variable effects accelerated life tests.