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Nuclear Power

Energy Solutions

Nuclear energy

Nuclear power generation is a reliable large-scale source of low carbon electricity.  Chromalox manufactures advanced thermal technologies which support the operation of Nuclear power generation facilities within the nuclear power generation island and balance of plant operations. 

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Heat and Control Applications

Glycol / Water Heating

Circulation heaters are used to warm coolant for stand-by / emergency generators.

Fire Water Storage

Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements ensure operational readiness for freeze protection applications.

Process Air

Duct heaters can be used for applications such as air heating or iodine absorbers.

Fuel Pre-Heating

Circulation heaters pre-heat #2 fuel oil for stand-by / emergency generators.

Lube Oil Heaters

Immersion heaters warm lube oil for lubrication of bearings and moving components.

Construction Areas

Blower heaters and air handlers provide construction comfort heating and aid in the curing of concrete in construction areas.

Boric / Boron Heating

Precipitate heaters maintain temperature to prevent solution from solidifying or freezing.

Hydrogen Storage

Immersion heaters provide heat input to ensure precise temperatures needed for process conditions.

Process Lines

Mineral insulated cable is used for high-temperature pipe heating, such as steam, boron, sodium, or lead bismuth.


Personnel Comfort Heating

Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for staff.

Pressurizer Heaters

Pressurizer heaters heat and maintain water in the primary loop at the operating temperature and pressure required by the pressurized reactor vessel.

Recirculation Heater

Circulation heaters prevent the freezing of the liquids used in the containment cooling system and storage tanks.

Demineralized Water Storage

Immersion heaters provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance.

Process and Heating Control

Panels, controllers, and sensors direct heater control based on operating conditions.

Piping Distribution

Self-regulating and constant-wattage heat trace cables are used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection.

Refueling / Make-Up Water

Circulation heaters provide temperature control for refueling water, make-up water, and plant water usage.

Condensate Storage

Immersion heaters provide the extra heat needed to maintain condensate return temperature.

Service and Maintenance

Yearly service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed maintenance.