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100 Year Logo

Chromalox has hit a new milestone! Since 1917 we've been driven by a pioneering spirit and built on opportunity and innovation. Chromalox was founded by a young engineer by the name of Edwin L. Wiegand. Through his intense curiosity in electrical conductivity, this led to the invention and patent of the electric resistance-metal sheath heating element that would create an entire industry. Chromalox has evolved to become the strong, respected, global industrial heating manufacturer with a well recognized global brand. Today we are known as the trusted experts who help companies solve the world’s most demanding and complex industrial heating challenges.


Notre historique

  • 1915

    Edwin L. Wiegand had always shown an intense curiosity in electrical conductivity..

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  • 1920's

    With about 100 employees, the company moved from downtown Pittsburgh..

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  • 1930's

    During the Great Depression, E.L. Wiegand licensed the brand and technology..

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  • 1940's

    WWII creates demand for portable comfort heaters and freeze protection heaters..

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  • 1950's

    When nuclear power became popular in the mid-fifties, Chromalox was the first..

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  • 1960's

    During the Space Age, Chromalox was the major supplier to the..

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  • 1970's

    Chromalox expanded into global markets by acquiring two manufacturing..

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  • 1980's

    Global changing economic conditions opened new markets..

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  • 1990's

    Changing economic conditions in the Far East opened new markets..

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  • 2000's

    The decade began with the transfer of ownership from Emerson..

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  • 2010+

    Chromalox continues to expand its international presence..

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Our Brand Through the Years

See how our Chromalox brand logo and advertising literature has changed, through the years. We have kept up with changes in technology and market trends, as we evolved as a company.

Did You Know?

Chromalox has been very fortunate to have had many accomplishments and exciting things happen over the last 100 years. Here are a few things we want to showcase over the last 100 years!

Featured Stories about Chromalox

After a century of innovation, Chromalox has built many lasting relationships by working with suppliers and customers. So many people have been part of Chromalox's history and have added to its success.

We want to take this opportunity to hear from you and thank you in sharing your stories or experiences with Chromalox.  

Tell Us Your Chromalox Story

Fill out the form below to tell us your interesting story about Chromalox, that you would like to share with others who view this page. Submitted stories will be reviewed and posted above, for all to see.

Please note that form items with a red asterisk (*) must contain information in order to submit this form.


100-Year Anniversary Coloring Book

Coloring Book  

In honor of our 100 Year Anniversary, Chromalox is excited to provide a commemorative keepsake, “The Big Red Coloring Book”. This book pays tribute to our signature Big Red Book catalog, used by us all, every day.

We created this book, both as a commemoration of this important milestone and as a way to further educate our readers about the broad range of products and services we provide. This book is appropriate for all ages and the illustrations were designed and created exclusively for Chromalox. We received many entries, which we are now proud to display.

View the creative entries we received for our Coloring Book:

Chromalox 100-Year Coloring Book Entries

Thank you for all of the coloring entries. The winners of the Coloring Contest are:

 Name Age  Country
 Shaneeya 9  Singapore
 Wendy 4  Mexico
 Ivan 5  France
 Jonna 7  U.S.
 Shyann 9  U.S.
 Bella 6  U.S.
 Leila 3  France
 Gregoire 5  France
 Daniel 9  Mexico
 Suchawadee  Adult  Thailand
 Jay  Adult  China

Winners will be notified by December 15th.