Processing Recycled Plastics

To process recycled plastics and harvest crude oil and petroleum by-products, the entire length of 15-foot screw conveyor augers must be heated internally to very high temperatures. As the auger turns, the plastics need to melt along the entire length of the conveyor and the temperatures must be accurately maintained throughout the process. 

The Solution

MaxiZone™ High Temperature Cartridge Heaters MZ 0.685 dia. are inserted into the screw conveyor augers which were drilled in the center for the entire 15-foot length of the auger. The auger is then heated to re-plasticize the recycled materials as they are conveyed down the entire length of the heat exchanger. The typical length of conventional heating elements for bore heating is only 3 feet (1 meter). Chromalox MaxiZone™ High Temperature Cartridge Heaters fulfilled he unique requirement of heating an element 5 times the average length to temperatures up to 1800° F (982° C).

The Benefits

+ Custom-designed heating solution that provides enough BTU’s to support re-plasticizing process
+ O
n-site technical support and highly-specialized experts
Introduction of new technology for equipment that is also used in sludge drying, ash recovery from coal-fired plants, and food processing