Constant Wattage Electric Traced Bundle

CW Bundle
Constant Wattage Electric Traced Bundle
  • Single or Multiple Process tube(s)
  • Constant Wattage Heat Trace
  • Heat-reflecting foil wrap
  • Moisture resistant, non-wicking,
    inorganic fibrous glass thermal insulation
  • Choice of weather protective jacket
  • Energy-efficient design provides for a minimum
    temperature maintenance of a single tube of
    200°F at –40°F ambient
  • 120V, 208V-277V Heaters Available
  • Heater outputs of 12 W/ft Available

  • Pre-engineered for reduced design cost and predictable operational characteristics 
  • Bundles are lightweight and easy to bend 
  • Smaller OD than field fabricated lines means better use of mounting space 
  • Maintenance-free; no open seams, no gaps in insulation 
  • Consistent and predictable thermal characteristics

  • Analyzer and instrument lines 
  • Small diameter process lines 
  • Impulse lines 

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