Percentage Timing Input Controller

Percentage Timing Input Controller
  • Motor Driven Cycling Device, 115 & 230 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz, 60 Amp Capacity
  • 15 & 30 Second Cycles

Completely wired mechanical control package for infinitely varying radiant heater output. The heavy gauge metal enclosure includes a doormounted input controller, indicator lights and ON/OFF switch for the control circuit. Panel mounted inside is a 3-pole magnetic contactor for power interruption, a voltage step-down transformer to provide 120 VAC to the control circuit from a 240 or 480 VAC power supply, and a 2-pole fuse block to protect the transformer. The HCP can be used to control either single or 3-phase loads.

  • Processes requiring exact replication of heat pulses.
  • Varying work loads
  • Conveyors
  • Radiant heat control

Percentage timing can be set to energize a heater for a chosen percentage (4-100%) of a preset 15 or 30 second cycle, thus derating heat output to match varying work sizes, loads or conveyor speeds.

Settings are repeatable between instruments and provide constant percentage of heat output.

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112117 OBSOLETE, VCS-401A, PCN-1 Request a Quote
112125 OBSOLETE, VCS-402A, PCN-1 Request a Quote
112168 VCR-115V, PCN-112168 Buy Now
114340 VCF-401A 115V 30SEC Buy Now
114358 VCF-402A 230V 30SEC Buy Now
114374 OBSOLETE,VCS-401A-15,PCN1 Request a Quote
114382 OBSOLETE,VCS-402A-15,PCN1 Request a Quote
114390 VCF-401A-15 115V 15SEC Buy Now
114403 VCF-402A-15 230V 15SEC Buy Now
309905 N12,CON,SPL,480V,60A,3PH, Buy Now
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