Pick & Ship Power Control Assemblies

P&S Power Control Assemblies
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Pick & Ship Power Control Assemblies

Chromalox models CPCA (Pick and Ship Power Control Assembly) are specifically designed to provide proper power and temperature control in a cost effective and quick ship package.

Common to all units:

Electrical Rating – 480 volts, 3 phase, 1 circuit, up to 75 amps.

Power Terminal Enclosure – Powder coated, color gray, rated NEMA 4 / IP66, UL / cCSAus Certification.

Power Wiring Conduit Location – Enclosure can be punch drilled to suit incoming power connection size and location.

Power Control Type – Full proportional power control utilizing a SSR assembly, rated up to 75 amps at 480V 3PH

Shutdown Capability – One shutdown contactor is provided for complete power off capability.

Optional Shutdown Connection – Connection is shipped jumpered, and can be reconfigured to accept a customer relay signal for heater operation.

Short Circuit Current Rating – The assembly is rated for up to 5kA SCCR.

CPCA-S1-75E4C, Part# 484211001

Includes terminal blocks for customer provided control and overtemperature signal. External display includes a Power On light indicator.

CPCA-S1-75E4H, Part# 484211002

Includes a Chromalox 1020 process and 1030 overtemperature controller, DIN rail mounted, for process and overtemperature control. External display includes a Power On, Heater Enabled, and Overtemperature Alarm light.

CPCA-S1-75E4V, Part# 484211003

Includes a Chromalox 6040 process and 6050 overtemperature controller, door mounted, for process and overtemperature control. External display includes the 6040 process controller, 6050 overtemperature controller, Power On, Heater Enable, and Overtemperature Alarm light via the 6050 display.

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