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P&S Liquid Level Float
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Pick and Ship Sensor Kits

Chromalox offers stocked Process Sensor Packages as well as Liquid Level Switches for your tank heating applications.


Process Sensor Package

Each Process Sensor Package will include a process sensor, sensor wire, and a 304 stainless steel thermowell with a 3/4” NPT boundary connection, 7-1/2” insertion length, and lagging extension for up to 3” of insulation clearance.

PSKS-J4SS50-0001 is intended for sensor locations requiring <50 feet of wiring. The kit includes a thermowell, matching type J thermocouple, and 50 ft of thermocouple wire.

PSKS-RTD4SS200-0002 is intended for sensor locations requiring <200 ft of wiring. The kit includes a thermowell, matching RTD, and 200 ft of RTD wire.

Liquid Level Switch

Having a liquid level switch in the application is vital to protecting the heating equipment by ensuring proper shutdown of the heater when the level drops below the threshold point. Select between a brass level switch with simple terminal wiring or a more robust stainless steel model with Class I Group C,D / Class II Group E,F, G explosion-proof terminal housing.

• PSKS-BNL-0003 is intended for side mounting in clean water applications, non-hazardous area for temperatures up to 400°F. Wiring is handled by simply connecting to the leads with a conduit or a connection head directly coupled to the brass fitting.

• PSKS-6SSYH-0004 is intended for side mounting in water, oil, or caustic solution applications with a minimum specific gravity of 0.7. It can be used in hazardous area installations, being rated for Class 1 Groups C, D / Class II Group E, F, G areas. Wiring is via the explosion-proof terminal enclosure.

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