Image of Thermowell Sensors
Thermowell Sensors

260 Series Thermowell For General Use

Chromalox provides a full complement of temperature sensor accessories to support your specific sensor application needs. From standard and mini Thermocouple and RTD's panel jacks and connectors to Thermocouple and RTD Extension Wire. We also offer a wide array of fittings and adaptors as well as rugged Thermowells to protect Thermocouples and RTD when used in extreme industrial environments. Most of our Sensor Accessories can be shipped from stock for immediate delivery.

CPW Series Protective Thermowell for Thermostats & Sensors

Protective wells are used to enclose and protect the sensing device from some physical damage and corrosive liquids.  Compression fittings are used for sealing the aperture required for the sensor to penetrate the wall of pipe, tank or duct.

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