RTD Sensors

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RTD Sensors

Industrial RTDs (Resistance temperature detectors) are provided in a variety of styles and materials to meet rugged industrial applications. A wide selection of sensor types, connection heads, lead-wire termination options and accessories are available.

BT & CF 
Bayonet & Compression Probes

Bayonet and Compression RTDs.

PR-TD Probes with Connection Head

Precision 100 Ohm Platinum RTD Element
• Rugged Design Offers Variety of Protection Heads with 1/2" NPT Mounting Threads
• 304 SS Sheath
• Spring Loaded Styles Available
Available with PFA Teflon® Coating
• 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24" Lengths

RBF Heat Trace or Pipe Sensor

For measuring the surface temperature of process piping that is carrying products whose temperatures must be controlled to prevent freeze-up, or to maintain a viscosity level so that the inner medium will flow. The RTD Sensor Element is made up with a 316SS sheath, and with a stainless steel mounting pad. Cold legs are available in customer specified lengths to accommodate pipe insulation 

RTD800 Precision RTD Probe

The RTD-805/C has its element mounted in an open-ended stainless steel housing. The encapsulated sensor design on the RTD-830/C provides low cost with a fast response and is designed for mounting on flat surfaces. A stainless steel housing with 1/4" hex head and a #8-32 NC-2A threaded body encapsulates the element on the RTD-850/C. This unit is designed for applications requiring vibration and shock resistance. The RTD-860/C has a closed-end stainless steel tube with the sensor mounted in the tip, the mounting plate includes two holes for easy installation.

SRTD Surface Mount RTD Series

Surface Mount (SA1)
• Response Time in Milliseconds
• Rated to 500oF (260oC) Long Term
36" Teflon® Insulated 3-Wire Leads (SRTD)

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