Mini-SCR Power Control Panel - 4168

Mini-SCR Power Control Panel - 4168
  • NEMA 4 Steel Enclosure for Indoor/Outdoor Environments
  • Shutdown Contactor
  • Single or Three Phase 30 and 65 Rating Amp for Resistive Loads
  • 120/240/480 Vac Fused Control Power Transformer
  • cULus

The 4168/4268 Mini-SCR Power Control Panels are a convenient, economical solution designed to control most process heating applications that require precise temperature control, maximum operating efficiency and proven reliability.

Augmented process and high limit controllers as well as the optional design features provide the user with the flexibility to meet countless application needs. The temperature and process controllers are available in 1/16 or 1/4 DIN sizes and their base features include SSR driver and relay outputs. Remote management capabilities are facilitated via retransmitted or remote setpoint signals or customer supplied process analog input. Communication options include Modbus RTU/RS485 or Ethernet (1/4 DIN 4080 only).

The Limit controllers are also available in either 1/16 or 1/4 DIN sizes. They are equipped with two relay outputs/alarms and optional analog retransmit and Modbus RTU/RS485 communications.

Design feature options include: Ground fault monitoring with shutdown; integral main disconnect switch; and a thermostat-controlled enclosure heater.

  • Ground Fault Monitor for Equipment Protection
  • Enclosure Heater for Anti-Condensation and Instrument Protection in Ambient Temperatures as low as 0˚F
  • Disconnect Switch
  • 1/16 or 1/4 DIN Process Controllers
  • 1/16 or 1/4 DIN Hi-Limit Controllers
  • Load Fusing

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