3-Phase, 2 Leg. SCR Control Panels - 4232


3-Phase, 2 Leg. SCR Control Panels - 4232

  • SCR-Zero Crossover Control
  • 100 to 1200 Amps
  • Louvered, Fan Cooled Enclosures
  • Main Disconnect Switch with Shunt Trip
  • 208-600 Volt
  • Control Power Transformer
  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 12:
      - 2 Leg, 3 Phase
      - MaxPac II DOT Fired SCR
      - Shorted SCR Detection Option
      - SCR/Load Fusing
  • cULus

The 4230 Series of SCR Power Control Panels offers convenient, economical control of resistive loads and capabilities beyond the smaller, more compact 4530 series. An additional 46 Standard Options increase the application flexibility of the 4230 Series. These pre-engineered, pre-wired panels require only sensor, load and power supply connections - and totally eliminate the need to design your panel, specify and purchase separate components, and assemble them into a functioning power control system.

SCR power control efficiently and accurately proportions power to the resistive heating load. Unlike traditional contactor control, SCR’s deliver:

  • Reduced Power Cost
  • Extended Heater Life
  • Less Maintenance
  • Improved Process Products
  • Stable Process Temperature

  • Zero-crossover Distributed Fired SCR (DOT) with I2T fusing for SCR Protection
  • Fan Cooling
  • Load Fusing for Up to 16 Circuits
  • Shunt Trip Disconnect
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter Combination
  • Temperature Controller
  • Overtemperature Controller with manual reset
  • Ground Fault Monitor
  • Fused Control Power Transformer
  • Manual Disconnect Switch
  • Power “ON” Pilot Lamp
  • Automatic Shutdown Device for Overtemperature Protection
  • Remote Shutdown Interlock Terminals
  • Enclosure Heater with Anti-Condensation and Instrument Protection for Ambient Temperatures as low as 0˚F
  • Drawings for Record
  • Installation and Operation Manual

Custom Panel Capability In addition to the pre-engineered and fieldproven standard control panels presented in this catalog, Chromalox has over 60 years of custom power control systems expertise. Working with world-scale engineering firms, military shipboard systems and the most demanding research institutes, Chromalox has encountered and conquered the challenges of even the most specialized requirements. This experience translates to efficient, economical solutions for virtually any heating and power control application.

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