SCR Temperature/Power Control Panels

SCR Temperature/Power Control Panels
  • 30 to 90 Amps
  • Voltage Field Selectable
  • Three Phase, Two Leg
  • Zero Crossover Fired
  • NEMA 12*, 4 and 7 Enclosures
    (*NEMA 12 available with additional venting measures - Consult Factory)
  • Cost Effective SCR Power Control
  • Pre-Wired, Ready to Install
  • cULus

The 4530 SCR Panel Series is an economical, convenient solution to mid-range SCR power control requirements, and eliminates the need to select, collect and assemble separate components. The pre-configured panels are ready to install, requiring only power supply, load and sensor wiring. Compact packaging makes them easy to mount, even in limited spaces.

The control signal may be a customer supplied 4-20 mA signal or manually operated with remote or door mounted potentiometer, or a Chromalox digital indicating temperature controller.

An optional digital indicating overtemperature controller can be provided.

  • Enclosure -
    • NEMA 1    General Purpose, indoor
    • NEMA 12   General Purpose, fan cooled and louvered
    • NEMA 4    Weatherproof
    • NEMA 7    Explosion-proof for Class I, Div. 1&2, Groups B,C&D Class II, Div. 1&2, Groups E,F & G
  • Control Signal Input Device
  • Zero-Crossover Fired SCR Power Controllers
  • Manual Disconnect Switch
  • I2T Fusing for SCR Protection
  • Overtemperature Shutdown Contactor
  • Power "ON" Pilot Light
  • Multi-Tap Control Power Transformer 480/240/120 Vac
  • Optional Overtemperature Controller with Reset
  • Drawings for Record
  • Installation and Operation Manual
  • Terminals Provided for remote shutdown
  • Optional Ground Fault Monitor with Door Mounted Illuminated Reset
  • Optional Enclosure Heater Anti-Condensation and Instrument Protection for Ambient Temperatures as low as 0˚F

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