Deionized Water and Corrosive Solution Applications
UL/CSA Certification
  • General Purpose, Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant, Explosion Resistant or Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • UL, CSA, ATEX and Other Third Party Approval, Listing or Certification Available on Many Models

Pure Water — Heating of demineralized or de-ionized water that is highly aggressive to mild steel.

Mildly Corrosive Solutions — Heat mildly corrosive solutions (pH5 to pH9) using stainless elements and a passivated stainless pipe body.

Highly Corrosive Solutions and Oils — Low watt density INCOLOY® sheath elements coupled with a passivated Stainless Steel pipe body provides long service life when heating highly corrosive solutions and sulfur laden oils.

Steam Superheating — Increase the enthalpy and quality of steam. Smaller units can be used to make up line losses in steam generating and distribution systems.

High Temperature Gas — INCOLOY® elements and a Stainless Steel vessel enhance safe operation to nearly 1400°F outlet gas temperature in air, gas or steam superheating applications.

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012010 NWHIS-3-006P-E1 240V 1-3P Buy Now
012028 NWHIS-3-006P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012036 NWHIS-3-012P-E1 240V 1-3P Buy Now
012044 NWHIS-3-012P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012052 NWHIS-3-018P-E1 240V 1-3P Buy Now
012060 NWHIS-3-018P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012079 NWHIS-6-024P-E1 240V 2-3P Buy Now
012087 NWHIS-6-024P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012095 NWHIS-6-030P-E1 240V 2-3P Buy Now
012108 NWHIS-6-030P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012116 NWHIS-6-040P-E1 240V 2-3P Buy Now
012124 NWHIS-6-040P-E1 480V 2-3P Buy Now
012132 NWHIS-06-050P-E1 480V 2-3 Buy Now
021311 NWHIS-18-050P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
021320 NWHIS-18-050P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021338 NWHIS-18-075P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
021346 NWHIS-18-075P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021354 NWHIS-18-100P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
021362 NWHIS-18-100P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021370 NWHIS-18-125P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
021389 NWHIS-18-125P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021397 NWHIS-18-150P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
021400 NWHIS-18-150P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021418 NWHIS-18-175P-E1 240V3P 175KW Request a Quote
021426 NWHIS-18-175P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
021434 NWHIS-18-200P-E1 240V3P 200KW Request a Quote
021442 NWHIS-18-200P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
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