Steam, Air & Gas Applications to 750°F - Steam Superheaters

  • CSA and other Third Party Approval, Listing or Certification Available

Steam, Air, and Gas- Higher kW ratings for larger industrial and commercial gas heating applications.

Terminal Enclosure — E1 General Purpose is standard. E2 Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant, E3 Explosion Resistant or E4 Moisture Resistant available.

Elements — 0.475" diameter INCOLOY® sheath elements.

Flange — 3 -10" ANSI B-16.5 flange with 1/2" thermowell for thermostat bulb and a 1/8" NPT threaded opening for a thermocouple or RTD.

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013240 GCHI-3-003P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
013258 GCHI-3-003P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
013266 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 240V 1-1P Buy Now
013274 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 480V 1-1P Buy Now
013282 GCHI-3-006P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
013290 GCHI-3-006P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
013303 GCHI-06-009P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013311 GCH-60905 480V 1P 9KW Buy Now
013320 GCHI-6-009P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
013338 GCHI-06-012P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013346 GCH-61205 480V 1PH 12KW Buy Now
013354 GCH-62005 240V 2-1PH 20KW Buy Now
013362 GCHI-6-020P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013370 GCHI-06-020P-E1 480V1P Request a Quote
013389 GCHI-6-025P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013397 Request a Quote
013400 GCHI-06-025P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013418 GCHI-6-025P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
013434 GCHI-6-030P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013450 GCHI-6-030P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
020212 GCHI-27-050P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020220 GCHI-27-050P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020239 GCHI-27-060P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020247 GCHI-27-060P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020255 GCHI-27-070P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020263 GCHI-27-070P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020271 GCHI-27-080P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020280 GCHI-27-080P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020298 GCHI-27-090P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020300 GCHI-27-090P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
086238 GCHI-45-075P-E1 480V3P Buy Now
086254 GCHI-45-090P-E1 480V3P 90KW Request a Quote
086270 GCHI-45-125P-E1 480V3P 125KW Buy Now
086297 GCHI-45-150P-E1 480V 3P 1 Buy Now
086318 GCHI-45-175P-E1 480V3P Buy Now
086334 GCHI-72-250P-E1 480V3P 250KW Request a Quote
086369 GCHI-72-225P-E1 480V3P 225KW Request a Quote
086393 GCHI-72-200P-E1 480V 3P Buy Now
086422 GCHI-108-300P-E1 480V3P 300KW Request a Quote
086457 GCHI-108-325P-E1 480V3P 325KW Request a Quote
086481 Request a Quote
103915 GCHI-3-003P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
103958 GCHI-3-003P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104070 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 240V 1-3P Buy Now
104117 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
104230 GCHI-3-006P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
104272 GCHI-3-006P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104598 GCHI-6-012P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104715 GCHI-6-009P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
104870 GCHI-6-012P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
105478 GCHI-6-020P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
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