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Offshore and onshore exploration of oil gas has undergone many technical transformations over the years. Exploration depths and directional drilling for oil reservoirs continue be more challenging. Oil and Gas Industry leaders continue to meet these new challenges with innovative techniques to not only discover and explore oil and gas but to extract and produce oil and gas in order to reach end users. Many companies have transformed this process using environment sustainable and reliable technologies available today. Chromalox understands the new challenges of the OEP business sector. Chromalox is a relied upon partner to design and supply robust, dependable, reliable, efficient, and zero emission electric heaters for an industry that demands performance.

Other forms or EOR are downhole heating and SAGD. These proven methods provide a means of artificial lift to existing oil and bitumen reservoirs. Downhole electric heaters are used to ignite the oil within the reservoir. As the internal reservoir burns the oil is extracted from the porous rock via the heat and steam generated from the combustion.

Thermal management and monitoring of the downhole heater is essential to the ignition process.

The SAGD process uses high pressure steam that is continuously injected into the upper wellbore to heat the oil and reduce its viscosity, causing the heated oil to drain into the lower wellbore, where it is pumped out. Chromalox low voltage and Medium Voltage DirectConnect Steam Generators are an excellent zero emission solution for SAGD applications. Electric Steam superheaters can also be used to improve steam quality on long steam lines.

The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry demands robust, technological advanced, regulatory compliant, safe, and reliable electric heater and thermal management products. Chromalox continues to be a trusted partner during the initial design process throughout the facility’s life cycle.


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