Hydraulic fracturing or commonly known as “fracking” is the process of injecting liquid and materials at high pressure to create small fractures within tight shale formations to stimulate the production and safely extract energy from an underground well after the drilling has ended and the rig and derrick are removed from the site. Chromalox offers robust, reliable, and zero emission electric thermal management solutions to meet the demands at well sites throughout the globe.


Tank Heating

Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements guard against fluids freezing in cold climates.

Frac Tank Manifolds

Circulation heaters warm fluids being pumped through cold manifolds to avoid freezing.

Knock-Out Tanks

“Heater treater” tanks use replaceable-element-design heaters to separate gas and liquid mixtures.

Condensation Tanks

Electric immersion heaters help maintain temperatures to prevent condensation from forming in natural gas removed from the well.

Gas Transmission

Fuel gas conditioning, filter / separator, slug catchers, storage tanks, regulator skids—all use electric heat during transmission.

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