Solutions for Food Equipment

Chromalox electric heaters deliver dependable, consistent, and even heating while our controls with easy-to-use operator interface provide precise control of the heat.

Our engineers are ready to assist you in the selection of the right product for your application, including assistance in choosing solutions that meet UL 197 standards. When a custom design is best, we’ll assist you every step of the way—from prototype development and testing to production.


Defrost Heaters

Chromalox manufactures both tubular elements and a unique polymer-sheathed, self-regulating, cut-to-length cable. These heaters are ideal for freezer door gaskets, drain line freeze protection, and defrost applications.

Dishwasher Heaters

Immersion heaters designed for direct contact heating of water are ideal for applications such as commercial dishwashers. Since all heat is generated within the water, energy efficiency is virtually 100 percent. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Basic mounting options of threaded screwplug connections or flanges easily accommodate customer design and installation. A large selection of immersion heaters is available from stock for immediate delivery. Chromalox also routinely manufactures custom-engineered designs.

Immersion Heater with Custom Controller

An immersion heater assembly accurately heats and controls water temperature between 180° and 210°F for applications such as steam tables. Copper-sheathed heating elements are mounted on a brass flange that bottom mounts on your application. The controller maintains temperature at setpoint, detects low water levels, and alerts the operator to low water conditions with an indicator.

Calcium Deposit Sensors

Calcium deposit sensors monitor and detect scale build-up by attracting scale and duplicating the conditions of other immersed components. The controller constantly analyzes the sensor output signal for scale thickness and informs the operator when maintenance is required. Chromalox calcium deposit sensors can also function as a back-up level control to provide low-water diagnostics and power down the heater before any damage occurs.

Tubular Heating Elements

These elements are versatile and transfer heat exceptionally well by convection (for convection ovens), by radiant heating (for broilers), and by conduction (for range tops). Round, triangular, flat press, and formed bends are made to customer requirements. Many sheath materials are available as well as more than 20 terminations and many stocked accessories.

Thick Film Heaters

Chromalox thick film heaters apply heat directly to an application by surface contact, ensuring optimum transfer and fast thermal response for excellent operating efficiency. Their low-profile, compact design makes them ideal for use where space is tight and around obstacles such as notches, posts, and mounting holes and brackets.

Silicone Laminate/Flexible Heating Elements

Versatile Chromalox silicone laminate/flexible heating elements find use in applications requiring low to medium temperatures. Rugged construction of lightweight material provides chemical and moisture resistance. Wire elements are durable and wound precisely within the structure for optimal performance. A variety of electrical, shape, and contour fittings meets a broad range of specifications.

Strip, Ring, and Disc Heating Elements

These easy-to-install heating elements heat surfaces by conduction or convection. Many sheath materials, termination styles, operating temperatures, sizes, voltages, wattage ratings, and mounting configurations are available.

Flat Blade Heating Elements

Flat blade heating elements for griddles and fryers provide more surface area than standard tubular elements. Three-wire construction within the element provides uniform heating. Chromalox flat blade heating elements are available in many sheath materials. They can be as long as 180 inches and may be formed into many configurations.

Custom Controls

Chromalox offers a number of standard and custom controllers that can be used in a variety of foodservice equipment, from deep fryers, ovens, and warmers, to hot plates and steam tables. Chromalox will custom-design controllers for your unique foodservice equipment application.

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