Ambient Sensing Thermostats

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Ambient Sensing Thermostats

B100 & E100 Heat Trace & Freeze Protection Thermostats

Maintaining proper viscosity and flow is critical in heat trace or freeze protection applications. The E100 remote mount thermostats utilize a stainless steel bulb and capillary design to accurately sense temperature at key points along a pipe. The B100 direct mount thermostats feature liquid-filled thermal assemblies and sense air temperatures from 15 to 140˚F. Both models are epoxy coated to seal from moisture and contaminants in compliance with NEMA 4X requirements. NEMA 7 stats E121/122 and B121 are designed for Class I, Division I and 2, Groups B, C, D, and Class 2, Division I and 2, Group E, F, G.


EPETD-8D Explosion Proof Room Thermostat

The EPETD-8D Thermostat is designed to control heating, cooling, heating and cooling or ventilation systems in commercial or industrial applications that are located in hazardous areas.

Applicable industries include oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, food & beverage, waste water, mining, agriculture, general industrial and the life sciences including lab/analytical and medical.

The EPETD-8D is suitable for challenging environments found in grain elevators, munition plants, hospital operating rooms, fueling depots as well as any hazardous area with comfort-air needs.


WCRT Corrosion Resistant Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat

The WCRT Room Thermostat is designed to directly control an individual heater. Using an external contactor, it can control several heaters. The WCRT provides high level accuracy and sensitivity with 2.5°F differential. The control has a SPDT output and can be used for heating or cooling.

WR Wall Mounted Room Thermostat

WR-90 - External Sensing Bulb Range 20-90°F The WR Series Room Thermostats are designed to directly control individual heaters or, by using an external contactor, can control several heaters. The WR-90 is particularly useful for maintaining lower temperatures (in garages, warehouses, etc.) and avoiding unnecessary heating costs.

WT Wall Mounted Residential & Commercial Room Thermostat

The WT-121 and WT-122 Room Thermostats are designed to control individual heaters or may be used with an external contactor. The WT-121 provides heat control with a SPST snap action switch (open on rise) for breaking one line of the power source. The WT-122 also is a heat control but uses a DPST snap action switch and will break both lines of the power source.





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