Controller Accessories

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Controller Accessories

Accessories designed to work specifically with Chromalox Temperature Controls.


ChromaSoft™ SpecView Plus GUI for Temperature Controllers

ChromaSoft™ SpecView communicates with multiple Chromalox 2104, 1604, 3101, 2030, 3380 and 2120 legacy controllers from a single computer via RS485 or RS232 comm port. Additional Chromalox Controllers will be communicating with ChromaSoft™ SpecView.  This flexible Windows based package allows an operator to view and change any controller parameter from the computer. Using this package the operator can also monitor and record any controller parameter, logging data for future evaluation.

Set up is quick and simple. The operator can design and build a GDS (Graphical Display Screen) in less than an hour. Each Controller has an already designed “Instrument View”, which can be added to the GDS with a couple of key strokes. The Instrument View looks like the controller and displays the process variable, set point and has functional pushbuttons. If the process has multiple controllers or the operator wants to view several instruments on one screen, the instruments can be added to a single GDS. Multiple screens can separate different functions. It’s the operator’s choice.

ENC Series ENC 4 Instrument Enclosures

The ENC series of enclosures are simple boxes with either cutouts or with window covers for mounting 1/16 DIN or 1/4 DIN Controllers. (Controllers not included.)

The ENCs with cutouts allow the operator to easily access the controller pushbuttons. The ENC enclosure with window covers ensure protection for the controllers.

The NEMA 7/4 enclosures are rugged sand-cast aluminum designed for NEC Class I, Division I & Division II, Groups B, C, & D and Class II, Division I & Division II, Groups E, F, & G. Includes a 5” Window, breather/drain valve, and (3) each 1/2”NPT conduit openings. ENC7s are suitable for one 1/4 DIN controller or up to (2) 1/16 DIN controllers. Mounting Plates are ordered separately.

Super Splash Guard Instrument Cover Model 0076-12034

NEMA 4 Protection.  Protects 1/4 DIN Panel Mounted Instruments Against Mechanical Damage, Unauthorized Operation, Dust and Splash water.

1/8 & 1/16 DIN Mounting Brackets & Adapters

The 1/8 and 1/16 DIN Mounting Adapter Kits allow you to easily convert an existing 1/4 DIN panel cutout for mounting an 1/8 or 1/16 DIN instrument.





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