ChromaSoft™ Temperature & Process Control Software

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Temperature & Process Control Software

ChromaSoft™ SpecView Plus GUI for Temperature Controllers

ChromaSoft™ SpecView communicates with multiple Chromalox 2104, 1604, 3101, 2030, 3380 and 2120 legacy controllers from a single computer via RS485 or RS232 comm port. Additional Chromalox Controllers will be communicating with ChromaSoft™ SpecView. See for updated information. This flexible Windows based package allows an operator to view and change any controller parameter from the computer. Using this package the operator can also monitor and record any controller parameter, logging data for future evaluation.

Set up is quick and simple. The operator can design and build a GDS (Graphical Display Screen) in less than an hour. Each Controller has an already designed “Instrument View”, which can be added to the GDS with a couple of key strokes. The Instrument View looks like the controller and displays the process variable, set point and has functional pushbuttons. If the process has multiple controllers or the operator wants to view several instruments on one screen, the instruments can be added to a single GDS. Multiple screens can separate different functions. It’s the operator’s choice.

Another feature of the GDS set up is the “Trend Chart” utility. An operator can quickly build a trend chart with multiple variables and scales on a single chart or build multiple charts on a single screen. The trend chart can later be quickly reviewed using the “Historical Replay” option or the data can be exported to a 3rd party data base program.

Other features of the Graphical Display Screens are bar graphs, recipe storage and downloading, user defined pushbuttons, and alarm logging. ChromaSoft Windows is a simple solution for set up and data logging of Chromalox Controllers with digital communications.

Multi-port Option is ideal if ChromaSoft™ SpecView is communicating with multiple controllers. With this option the program can use up to 9 communications ports. SpecView can communicate to as many as 255 controllers per comm port. However, for communication speed considerations, it is recommended that no more than 30 controllers connect to a single communications port. If ChromaSoft is communicating with a 1604 and one of the other Chromalox controllers (2104 or 3101) the multi-port option will be needed. The 1604 uses a different communications protocol than the other controllers.

Historical Replay Option allows the operator to quickly review data on a trend chart. The operator can “fast forward” as fast as 240x the original speed to quickly identify excursions or problems.

Strategy Controller Option is a powerful feature that allows the user to automate operations. Typical applications include: turning on an output based on an event, setting multiple set points from a master, cascade control, etc.

Remote Computer Option:  Many applications require operating SpecView on a computer other than the one connected to the instruments. Required functions include remote monitoring and adjustment of instruments. In a typical networked situation the Local computer is connected to the instruments. The Remote computer(s) may be in the same building or in another country.

Using SpecView Remote Option connection can be made in 3 possible ways:

Over a Local Area Network (LAN).
By using Modem dial-up between computers.
By making the Local computer available.

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