XPMC - Hazardous Location Enclosure Heaters

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XPMC - Explosion Proof Enclosure Heaters

XPMC Enclosure Heaters are specifically designed to provide convective and radiant heat for freeze protection and condensation evaporation in localized, hazardous location areas where combustible chemicals, solvents, gases or liquids may be present. The XPMC construction features an anodized aluminum finned extrusion body, with heat sinks. This is heated by a Chromalox cartridge heater that is engineered to yield a precise surface temperature and exceptionally long life. The units may be ordered with body only, with body + 1 heat sink or with 2 heat sinks. Each additional heat sink increases the maximum wattage of the unit. Depending on the size of the area to be heated multiples of XPMC heaters can be used in tandem to achieve higher aggregate wattages and maintain required temperature T ratings.

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