ITC-FS - Fire Sprinkler Digital Temperature Controllers

ITC Fire safe control panel
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About the Product

The Chromalox intelliTRACE ITC-FS is designed for Freeze Protection of Fire Sprinkler Mains and Branch Lines. The ITC-FS is offered in either a single circuit or an independently controlled and monitored dual circuit platform. They provide a unique, industry-leading combination of heating capacity, application flexibility and technology.

You must employ two RTD sensors to control both circuits and alarms, use one RTD to control both circuits and individual RTD's for alarms, or two individual RTD's per circuit to control each circuit independently and alarms independently. This provides the owner with flexibility and redundancy to help meet their ever-varying demands.

The ITC-FS employs a soft start feature that uses a proprietary software algorithm which eliminates the inherent self-regulating in-rush current, resulting in less nuisance tripping at cold temperatures.

All process conditions may be monitored and managed both locally and remotely. All process variable, communication and alarm settings and security codes are user-adjustable via simple page menu navigation.

In terms of system supervision, the ITC-FS controller monitors temperature, current load and ground fault equipment protection leakage current (GFEP). Additionally, the alarms on the ITC-FS consist of high and low temperature, high and low current, high GFEP current and sensor failure. For GFEP see next page for specifics.

Should the ITC-FS unit realize a failed sensor, the controller automatically switches into a user adjustable manual output duty cycle. To eliminate abrupt current spikes, the Chromalox ITC-FS employs bumpless transfer power switching when switching over from either manual or auto mode.

The ITC-FS unit is housed in a compact wall mountable, NEMA 4X FG or optional 316 SS enclosure and it features a high resolution TFT display, LED indication of Load, Power & Alarm status for each circuit and front panel capacitive touch user interface buttons which are mounted on a hinged door.

The ITC-FS enclosure provides electrical connections for the heating cable, the AC Power and the RTD Sensors and it comes complete with stainless steel mounting brackets.

ITC FS - Fire Sprinkler Digital Controllers

+  1 and 2 Circuit Models
+  22 Amps per Circuit when using on branch lines
+  SSR Control
+  100 - 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz
+  UL Approved for Freeze Protection of Fire Sprinkler Mains and Branch Lines (VGNJ)
+  Soft Start Feature
+  Operating Temperature: -40˚F to 104˚F (-40˚C to 40˚C)
+  Modbus RTU/RS485, RS422 & TCP/Ethernet
+  10” x 8” x 6” (26cm x 21cm x 15cm) NEMA 4X FG Wall Mount Enclosure
+  High Resolution Color TFT Display
+  LED Indication for Power, Load and Alarm per Circuit
+  Front Panel Capacitive Touch Switches
+  PID, On/Off or Manual Control Modes
+  2 RTD's per circuit
+  - 1RTD for Ambient Control
+  - 1 RTD for Alarms
+  Full Monitoring & Alarms
+  - High / Low Temperature & Current, GFEP & Sensor Failure
+  Programmable Duty Cycle On Sensor Failure
+  Audible Alarm Annunciation
+  AC and DC Alarms
+  Password Protected Security Levels
+  Third Party Certifications: UL, cUL

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Chromalox heat trace solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.