Isopad IT-ITW SS

a picture of a isopad it-itw-ss heating cable

About Isopad IT-ITW/SS

Isopad IT-ITW/SS is a factory-terminated resistance heating tape specially designed for application temperatures up to 200°C continuously. The temperature depends on the power and usage. These highly flexible tapes can be easily coiled around pipelines and valves, supports, pumps, flanges, filters, gauges, or other devices of irregular shape. The rugged design enables short term withstand temperatures up to 260°C.


Maximum Temperature Rating: 260C (500F)
Minimum Bending Radium for Installation: 10mm
Electrical Protection Class: I
Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
Electrical Insulation of Heater: PTFE
Outer Sheath: Stainless Steel
Nominal Power Output: 35 W/m

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Chromalox Isopad heat tape solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.