IEC-CE Circulation Heaters

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IEC CE Circulation Heaters

SWO-RV Series Oil Applications

For International Markets.

Chromalox offers a dedicated circulation product offering for oil applications. Standard models include RV, RW, ARW, and RC.


Many features offered on standard products include:
BSP threaded connections
Carbon and Stainless Steel pressure vessel
230 - 400V 3ph
Fiberglas insulation with cladding
Gland Plates
Sensor well for customer thermostat or sensor or cutout
IP54 or IP66 ratings
Mounting bracket
316 Stainless or Incoloy 800 heating sheath

Water applications demands can greatly vary based on PH levels, dissolved minerals, additive fluids, among other factors. Chromalox offers a wide range of material selections, watt densities, and options to meet your needs.


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