Roof and gutters can be damaged by ice buildup.  When show falls on the roof it will melt during the day due to exposure to the sun.  As the water drains the melted water will refreeze especially as it reaches the overhang.  This process will repeat itself until the formation of an ice dam occurs.  Icicles will form on the edges which could cause damage or personal harm and the ice dam causes roof leaks which will lead to water damage.  

A roof and gutter de-icing system can maintain a clear path for the melted snow to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout.  Chromalox has the products to sufficiently solve the problem and is budget friendly. 

The system is ideal for installation on the following:

+  Roofs made from standard roofing materials including shake, shingle, rubber, tar, wood, tile, slate, membrane, metal and plastic
+  Gutters made from standard materials including metal, plastic, and wood
+  Downspouts made from standard materials including metal and plastic

Roof & Gutter Products: