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Proven technology

Chromalox medium voltage systems come with added competitive advantages. Heaters and power panel systems are tested and approved by independent, internationally recognized third-party laboratories. Also, Chromalox designs and builds all of its own heating elements, providing consistent quality and systems tailored specifically to customer applications. Chromalox medium voltage systems benefit from 100 years of electric heat and control experience.

Fast Maintenance Turnaround

Often electric heaters in heavy industry operate in process-critical situations where downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more each day. A system that incorporates replaceable medium voltage elements, like that designed by Chromalox, mitigates the risk of extended downtime. The end user can purchase a low cost set of DirectConnect spare elements rather than a costly spare bundle. Replaceable elements stored on-site greatly reduce periods of downtime, decreasing the risk and cost of lost production.

Recognizing Savings

Table 3 summarizes the savings resulting from switching from a 480V to 4160V electric heating system generating 2400wW (8.2 MMBtu/hr) . Savings run to more than $1 million over a 20-year span or about $50,000 per year.