Corrosive Solutions
UL/CSA Certification

Corrosive Solutions
UL/CSA Certification
  • Non-metallic (CPVC) Pipe Body
  • 1.5 - 3 kW
  • 120 and 240V, Single Phase
  • General Purpose Terminal Enclosure
  • INCOLOY® Sheath Elements (75 W/In2)
  • Integral Thermostat (60 - 190°F)
  • Integral Automatic Cutout (Set at 195°F)

Used to heat clean and corrosive solutions. Ideal for side-arm heating, in-line circulation and engine pre-heaters.

Unit is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 100 psi at 200˚F

Terminal Enclosure — E1 General Purpose is standard.

Elements — INCOLOY® sheath elements rated 75 W/In2.

Flange — Stainless steel flange for corrosion resistance.

Vessel — CPVC pipe body material is resistant to many corrosive solutions and is ideal for water applications. Pipe body material provides good thermal insulation, reducing heat loss.

Thermostat — Integral thermostat with 60 to 200°F temperature range, located inside the terminal enclosure.

High Limit Control — Integral automatic cutout (over-temperature control) protects against fluid or element overheat (set to open at 195°F).

Vibration Resistant — Vibration resistant construction to withstand vibrations typically experienced on many types of operating equipment (i.e., engines).

Easy to Install — Minimal size and light weight, no supporting brackets are required.

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025021 CVCHS-01-01P5-E1 120V1P 1 Buy Now
025030 CVCHS-01-01P5-E1 240V1P 1 Buy Now
025048 CVCHS-01-002P-E1 120V1P Buy Now
025056 CVCHS-01-002P-E1 240V1P Buy Now
025064 CVCHS-01-02P5-E1 120V1P 2 Buy Now
025072 CVCHS-01-02P5-E1 240V1P 2 Buy Now
025080 CVCHS-01-003P-E1 120V1P Buy Now
025099 CVCHS-01-003P-E1 240V1P Buy Now
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