Deep Tank Blade Heaters
UL/CSA Certification

Deep Tank Blade Heaters
UL/CSA Certification
  • Circular Blades
  • Steel Sheath Elements
  • Low Watt Density (12 and 18 W/In2)
  • 7.5 - 24 kW
  • 240 and 480 Volt, 1 & 3 Phase
  • Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • 12 ft. Riser (Other Lengths Available)

Chromalox Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed for installing in the top of a tank with the heated portion directly immersed along the side or at the bottom. This provides easy removal of the heater and ample working space inside the tank. Our commercial heaters are available with heating elements made of Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, INCOLOY®, Titanium, Fluoropolymer coated, and Quartz. A wide selection of kW ratings, shapes and mounting methods are available to suit many different types of applications.

  • Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • Integral DPST Thermostat 60 - 250°F rated 30 Amp at 120 - 277 Volt with 180" capillary length
  • 4 - 12 Circular Heating Elements permit entry into tanks with 16-1/2" diameter minimum opening

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192903 BLCK-MH618 240V1P 12.0KW Request a Quote
192911 BLCK-MH618 240V 3PH 12KW Buy Now
192920 BLCK-MH618 480V1P 12.0KW Request a Quote
192938 BLCK-MH618 480V 3PH 12KW Buy Now
192946 BLCK-MH824 240V1P 16.0KW Request a Quote
192954 BLCK-MH824T2-144 240V 16K Buy Now
192962 BLCK-MH824 480V1P 16.0KW Request a Quote
192970 BLCK-MH824T2-144 480V 16K Buy Now
192989 BLCK-MH-1030-144 240V 20K Buy Now
192997 BLCK-MH-1030-144,480V,20K Buy Now
193009 BLCK-MH-1030-144 480V 20K Buy Now
193017 BLCK-MH1236 240V3P 24.0KW Request a Quote
193025 BLCK-MH1236 480V1P 24.0KW Request a Quote
193033 BLCK-MH1236T2-144 480V 24 Buy Now
258925 BLCK-MH618T2-144 240V 7.5 Request a Quote
258933 BLCK-MH618 240V3P 7.5KW Request a Quote
258941 BLCK-MH618 480V1P 7.5KW Request a Quote
258950 BLCK-MH618T2-144 480V 7.5 Buy Now
258968 BLCK-MH824 240V1P 10.0KW Request a Quote
258976 BLCK-MH824 240V3P 10.0KW Request a Quote
258984 BLCK-MH824 480V1P 10.0KW Request a Quote
258992 BLCK-MH824T2-144 480V 10K Buy Now
259004 BLCK-MH1030 240V1P 12.5KW Request a Quote
097404 BLCKMH Request a Quote
259020 BLCK-MH1030 480V1P 12.5KW Request a Quote
259039 BLCK-MH-1030-144 480V 125 Buy Now
259047 BLCK-MH1236 240V1P 15.0KW Request a Quote
259055 BLCK-MH1236 240V3P 15.0KW Request a Quote
259063 BLCK-MH1236 480V1P 15.0KW Request a Quote
259071 BLCK-MH1236T2-144 480V 15 Buy Now
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