Side Mount Heat Exchangers Fluoropolymer Heating or Cooling Coils
UL/CSA Certification

Side Mount Heat Exchangers Fluoropolymer Heating or Cooling Coils
UL/CSA Certification
  • Fluoropolymer Tube - 1/4" and 1/2" OD
  • Surface Area (2-1/4 - 46-1/2 Ft²)

Chromalox Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed for installing in the top of a tank with the heated portion directly immersed along the side or at the bottom. This provides easy removal of the heater and ample working space inside the tank. Our commercial heaters are available with heating elements made of Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, INCOLOY®, Titanium, Fluoropolymer coated, and Quartz. A wide selection of kW ratings, shapes and mounting methods are available to suit many different types of applications.

  • Polypropylene Guard, standard
  • Standard Coils Rated to 30 psi Steam Service. Coils Available up to 60 psi
  • 10 psi Minimum Steam Pressure Required for Operation
  • Integral Inlet and Outlet Manifolds for Single Point Connections
  • Options Available:
    • Anti-Floatation Brackets
    • Special Sizes and Manifold Configurations
    • L Shaped Configurations
    • Dual Coils for both Heating and Cooling

Note: Vacuum breakers recommended for flouropolymer heat exchanger steam heating installations. Consult factory regarding reduced pressure applications.

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