Water - Clean
UL/CSA Certification

Water - Clean
UL/CSA Certification
  • 2" NPT Brass Screw Plug
  • Copper Sheath Elements
  • High Watt Density (46 - 53 W/In²)
  • 1.5 - 15 kW
  • Integral Thermostat (DPST)
  • 120, 208, 240 and 480 Volt, Single Phase
  • General Purpose Terminal Enclosure
  • Third-party certifications: UL Listed, CSA, cCSAus

Screw Plug Immersion heaters consist of hairpin bent tubular elements brazed or welded into a screw plug, and provided with terminal enclosures for electrical connections. Chromalox ARMT-2 industrial heaters use direct immersion for energy efficiency, and are well suited for clean water applications.

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Part # Description  
270019 ARMT-2105T2 240V 10.0KW 1 Buy Now
270035 ARMT-2155T2 120V 1500W 1P Buy Now
270043 ARMT-2155T2 240V 1500W 1P Buy Now
270060 ARMT-2205-3T2 120V 2000W Buy Now
270078 ARMT-2205-3T2 240V 2000W Buy Now
270107 ARMT-2255T2 240V 2500W 1P Buy Now
270123 ARMT-2305T2 120V 3000W 1P Buy Now
270131 ARMT-2305T2 240V 3000W 1P Buy Now
270166 ARMT-2405T2 240V 4000W 1P Buy Now
270190 ARMT-2505T2 240V 5000W 1P Buy Now
270211 ARMT-2605T2 240V 6000W 1P Buy Now
270238 ARMT-2705T2 240V 7000W 1P Buy Now
274757 ARMT-2505T2 480V 5000W 1P Buy Now
274765 ARMT-2105T2 480V 10.0KW 1 Buy Now
274773 ARMT-2205-3E2T1 120V 2000 Buy Now
274781 ARMT-2305E2T2 240V 3000W Buy Now
274790 ARMT-2305E2T2 480V 3000W Buy Now
274802 ARMT-2305E2T1 240V 3000W Buy Now
284701 ARMT-2105T1 240V 10.0KW 1 Buy Now
284710 ARMT-2105E2T1 240V 10.0KW Buy Now
284728 ARMT-2105E2T2 240V 10.0KW Buy Now
284736 ARMT-2105T1 480V 10.0KW 1 Buy Now
284744 ARMT-2105E2T1 480V 10.0KW Buy Now
284752 ARMT-2105E2T2 480V 10.0KW Buy Now
284760 ARMT-2155T1 120V 1500W 1P Buy Now
284779 ARMT-2155E2T1 120V 1500W Buy Now
284787 ARMT-2155E2T2 120V 1500W Buy Now
284795 ARMT-2155T1 240V 1500W 1P Buy Now
284808 ARMT-2155E2T1 240V 1500W Buy Now
284816 ARMT-2155E2T2 240V 1500W Buy Now
284824 ARMT-2205-3T1 120V 2000W Buy Now
284832 ARMT-2205-3E2T2 120V 2000 Buy Now
284840 ARMT-2205-3T1 240V 2000W Buy Now
284859 ARMT-2205-3E2T1 240V 2000 Buy Now
284867 ARMT-2205-3E2T2 240V 2000 Buy Now
284875 ARMT-2205-3T1 480V 2000W Buy Now
284883 ARMT-2205-3T2 480V 2000W Buy Now
284891 ARMT-2205E2T1, 480V, 2000 Buy Now
284904 ARMT-2205-3E2T2, 480V, 20 Buy Now
284912 ARMT-2255T1 240V 2500W 1P Buy Now
284920 ARMT-2255E2T1 240V 2500W Buy Now
284939 ARMT-2255E2T2 240V 2500W Buy Now
284947 ARMT-2255T1 480V 2500W 1P Buy Now
284955 ARMT-2255T2, 480V, 2500W, Buy Now
284963 ARMT-2255E2T1 480V 2500W Buy Now
284971 ARMT-2255E2T2 480V 2500W Buy Now
284980 ARMT-2305T1 120V 3000W 1P Buy Now
284998 ARMT-2305E2T1 120V 3000W Buy Now
285000 ARMT-2305T1 240V 3000W 1P Buy Now
285018 ARMT-2305E2T2 120V 3000W Buy Now
285026 ARMT-2305T1 480V 3000W 1P Buy Now
285034 ARMT-2305T2, 480V, 3000W, Buy Now
285042 ARMT-2305E2T1 480V 3000W Buy Now
285050 ARMT-2405T1 240V 4000W 1P Buy Now
285069 ARMT-2405E2T1 240V 4000W Buy Now
285077 ARMT-2405E2T2 240V 4000W Buy Now
285085 ARMT-2405T1 480V 4000W 1P Buy Now
285093 ARMT-2405T2 480V 4000W 1P Buy Now
285106 ARMT-2405E2T1 480V 4000W Buy Now
285114 ARMT-2405E2T2 480V 4000W Buy Now
285122 ARMT-2505T1 240V 5000W 1P Buy Now
285130 ARMT-2505E2T1, 240V, 5000 Buy Now
285149 ARMT-2505E2T2 240V 5000W Buy Now
285157 ARMT-2505T1 480V 5000W 1P Buy Now
285165 ARMT-2505E2T1 480V 5000W Buy Now
285173 ARMT-2505E2T2 480V 5000W Buy Now
285181 ARMT-2605T1 240V 6000W 1P Buy Now
285190 ARMT-2605E2T1 240V 6000W Buy Now
285202 ARMT-2605E2T2 240V 6000W Buy Now
285210 ARMT-2605T1 480V 6000W 1P Buy Now
285229 ARMT-2605T2 480V 6000W 1P Buy Now
285237 ARMT-2605E2T1 480V 6000W Buy Now
285245 ARMT-2605E2T2 480V 6000W Buy Now
285253 ARMT-2705T1 240V 7000W 1P Buy Now
285261 ARMT-2705E2T1 240V 7000W Buy Now
285270 ARMT-2705E2T2 240V 7000W Buy Now
285288 ARMT-2705T1 480V 7000W 1P Buy Now
285296 ARMT-2705T2, 480V, 7000W, Buy Now
285309 ARMT-2705E2T2 480V 7000W Buy Now
285317 ARMT-2705E2T1 480V 7000W Buy Now
310480 ARMT-2125T2 240V 12.0KW 1 Buy Now
310498 ARMT-2125T2 480V 12.0KW 1 Buy Now
310500 ARMT-2125E2T2 240V 12.0KW Buy Now
310519 ARMT-2125E2T2 480V1P 12000W Request a Quote
310527 ARMT-2125T1 240V 12.0KW 1 Buy Now
310535 ARMT-2125T1 480V 12.0KW 1 Buy Now
310543 ARMT-2125E2T1 240V1P 12000W Request a Quote
310551 ARMT-2125E2T1 480V 12.0KW Buy Now
310560 ARMT-21505T2 240V 15.0KW Buy Now
310578 ARMT-21505T2 480V 15.0KW Buy Now
310586 ARMT-21505E2T2 240V 15.0K Buy Now
310594 ARMT-21505E2T2 480V 15.0K Buy Now
310607 ARMT-21505T1 240V 15.0KW Buy Now
310615 ARMT-21505T1 480V 15.0KW Buy Now
310623 ARMT-21505E2T1 240V 15.0K Buy Now
310631 ARMT-21505E2T1 480V 15.0K Buy Now
323264 ARMT-2155T2 208V1P 1500 Buy Now
323272 ARMT-2155T1 208V1P 1500W Request a Quote
323280 ARMT-2155E2T2 208V1P 1500W Request a Quote
323299 ARMT-2155E2T1 208V 1500W Buy Now
323301 ARMT-2205-3T2 208V 2000W Buy Now
323310 ARMT-2205-3T1 208V1P 2000W Request a Quote
323328 ARMT-2205-3E2T2 208V 2000 Buy Now
323336 ARMT-2205-3E2T1 208V 2000 Buy Now
323344 ARMT-2255T2 208V 2500W 1P Buy Now
323352 ARMT-2255T1 208V 2500W 1P Buy Now
323360 ARMT-2255E2T2 208V 2500W Buy Now
323379 ARMT-225E2T1V, 208V, 2500 Buy Now
323387 ARMT-2305T2, 208V, 3000W, Buy Now
323395 ARMT-2305T1 208V 3000W 1P Buy Now
323408 ARMT-2305E2T2 208V 3000W Buy Now
323416 ARMT-2305E2T1 208V 3000W Buy Now
323424 ARMT-2405T2 208V 4000W 1P Buy Now
323432 ARMT-2405T1 208V 4000W 1P Buy Now
323440 ARMT-2405E2T2 208V 4000W Buy Now
323459 ARMT-2405E2T1 208V 4000W Buy Now
323467 ARMT-2505T2 208V 5000W 1P Buy Now
323475 ARMT-2505T1 208V 5000W 1P Buy Now
323483 ARMT-2505E2T2 208V 5000W Buy Now
323491 ARMT-250E2T1, 208V, 5000W Buy Now
323504 ARMT-2605T2 208V 6000W 1P Buy Now
323512 ARMT-2605T1 208V1P 6000W Request a Quote
323520 ARMT-2605E2T2 208V 6000W Buy Now
323539 ARMT-2605E2T1 208V 6000W Buy Now
323547 ARMT-2705T2 208V1P 7000W Request a Quote
323555 ARMT-2705T1 208V 7000W 1P Buy Now
323563 ARMT-2705E2T2 208V 7000W Buy Now
323571 ARMT-2705E2T1 208V1P 7000W Request a Quote
323580 ARMT-2105T2 208V 10.0KW 1 Buy Now
323598 ARMT-2105T1 208V1P 10000W Request a Quote
323600 ARMT-2105E2T2 208V 10.0KW Buy Now
323619 ARMT-2100E2T1 208V 10.0KW Buy Now
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