Corrosive Solution Applications
UL/CSA Certification

Corrosive Solution Applications
UL/CSA Certification
  • 2" NPT Steel Screw Plug
  • INCOLOY® Sheath Element
  • 12 W/In²
  • 4 - 13 kW
  • 240 and 480 Volt, Single Phase
  • Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • Without Controls

  • Asphalt
  • Heavy Weight Fuel Oil
  • Heavy Weight Lubricating Oil
  • Tar
  • Molasses
  • Other High Viscosity Materials

  • Low Watt Density to permit operation in dead air space of pipes
  • Insertion into 2" Dia. Sch. 40 pipe, will not fit into heavier wall pipe
  • Install or Remove heater without draining tank
  • Avoids coking or charring of heat sensitive materials as pipe surface functions as low watt density heat transfer surface
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186036 MTO-241LT 480V 4000W 1PH Buy Now
186044 MTO-251LT 240V 5000W 1PH Buy Now
253155 MTO-241LT 240V 4000W 1PH Buy Now
253180 MTO-251LT 480V 5000W 1PH Buy Now
253198 MTO-275LT 240V 7500W 1PH Buy Now
253200 MTO-275LT 480V 7500W 1PH Buy Now
253219 MTO-212LT 480V 11.5KW 1P Buy Now
253227 MTO-213LT 480V 13KW Buy Now
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